Endless is the UAE's leading fashion resale and rental platform for women. Our mission is to inspire, empower and enable women to feel good and to make better shopping choices - to make shopping circular everyone's first choice when it comes to shopping fashion.


After a decade working in the fashion industry and witnessing its impact, our founder Rosie Gunn was determined to find a way to make women feel good in what they wear whilst positively impacting the planet. In January 2019, she left her job as a fashion buyer to launch Endless Wardrobe, the first fashion rental and resale platform in the UK, with the aim of making shopping in these ways just like shopping new. This marked the beginning of a movement in the UK. Since then, rental and resale have grown significantly, proving that Rosie's vision has become a reality and is part of the future of fashion.

Now, she is bringing that same joy to the women of the UAE.



I know how powerful an outfit can be, and how it can impact your day, night, your state of mind. Feeling good in what you're wearing and being able to be your most confident and authentic self is so important as a woman. I know if I'm not feeling my best, I can put on certain outfits and suddenly feel completely different. I hope to help give other people that same feeling through Endless. I believe the rental and resale model not only elongates the lifespan of clothing which is of course a brilliant solution to so much fast-fashion ending up in landfill - but it also enables women to wear brands and outfits they love (and otherwise may not be able to afford), to feel like their 'true self'. I have created Endless to solve the problems I have personally faced when it comes to buying clothes.

Thank you for shopping more consciously!

Love Rosie x

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