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How to: *perfect* your photos

Selling, renting, whatever you're here for, we want to help you optimise your items so you can make the most return-on-item as quickly as possible. Thank us later.

Here are our top tips:

The more professional and perfected your listing looks, the more likely it is to be sold or rented. 

  • Listings should have a professional image from the brand's website as the first image on your listing - ideally modelled on a person to show how the item looks.
  • Then include images of the actual item in its current condition, at least the front and back of the item and more angles if needed. 
  • When taking your own photo, a plain background is a requirement, showing only the item you are selling or renting - and a clean lens on your camera so the item can be seen clearly. 
  • This tool can help you remove busy backgrounds easily if needed. 
  • Please note endless has the right to edit and modify listings where required, and remove or reject any that do not fit with our guidelines. 
  • We are generally unable to accept hanger or mannequin photos.

Check out our how it works page or FAQs for anything else you may need to know.

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