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How to: *perfect* your photos

Selling, renting, whatever you're here for, we want to help you optimise your items so you can make the most return-on-item as quickly as possible. Thank us later.

Here are our top tips:

The more professional and perfected your listing looks, the more likely it is to be sold or rented. 

*Here is an example of an item which has perfect photos*

  • If you can find the professional image from the brand's website, we advise putting this as the first image on your listing - ideally modelled on a person to show how the item looks.
  • Please include a professional photo (if possible) first, and then a photo of the actual item in its current condition, at least the front and back of the item and more angles if needed. 
  • When taking your own photo, a plain white background is a requirement, showing only the item you are selling or renting - and a clean lens on your camera so the item can be seen clearly. 
  • This tool can help you remove busy backgrounds easily if needed. 
  • Please note endless has the right to edit and modify listings where required, and remove any that do not fit with our guidelines. 

Check out our how it works page or FAQs for anything else you may need to know.

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