Do you only accept professional photos? I want to sell some items.

Please see our guide on how to do your photos here.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch.

What's the process?

Simply create a seller account at: endless.ae/seller

This is really quick to do. Once registered, you can add products that you would like to sell - these will then appear live on the website once they have been approved.

Once the item has sold, we will arrange a collection from you at your address and ensure it gets to the seller safely. Following this, you will receive your payment for the item. We take 10% commission on every sale.

Check out our 'how it works' page for more info. To see this, please click here.

Do you have a store?

We are currently online only and do not have a physical store. Stay tuned for pop-ups in the near future.

We have a brand partnership with RE-TOLD, who have three stores in Dubai. We always an edit of their pre-loved items on the site for our endless users to purchase.

Do I need to provide authentication for luxury items?

Luxury items including shoes and bags are authenticated before delivery to the customer.

If you have proof of authentication, please include images of this when you list the product.

If you are unable to prove authenticity of the item, our authentication partner Real Authentication will do so once the item has sold. The cost of this will be taken from the sellers commission payment.

I would like to stock my brand on endless - is this possible?

Yes, please do get in touch if this is the case. We stock selected brands directly on the site, both new and pre-loved items under an endless managed service.

How do I ship my item once it has sold?

We will arrange this via our reliable delivery partner who will collect the item from you at your address and deliver it to the buyer. We will contact you in advance to confirm the collection date and time with you.

How quickly will I receive my payment after my item has sold?

We will send your payment within 3-5 working days of the product being delivered to the buyer. We take just a 10% commission fee on the selling price for the usage of our platform and reaching our community - or 30% if you have worked with our team via the concierge service.

Which items can I sell on endless?

We accept clothing, footwear, accessories providing they are:

  • Premium, contemporary and luxury brands.
  • In excellent condition. Brand new or gently worn.
  • Dry-cleaned, or cleaned and presented to a high standard

The items listed need to be in good condition and purchased no more than three years ago. The minimum selling or rental price is 100 AED. If the item isn't deemed to be this value, it may be rejected.

Please kindly note we cannot accept items that are one-of-a-kind or the brand is unknown. We also do not accept the following: wallets, jewellery, loungewear, gym wear, swimwear, underwear.

What happens if I am away when my items sells?

We ask that you to 'disable' your items on your account when you are away to avoid disappointment with other members of the community. However, if you forget for whatever reason, please do email us at hello@endless.ae  so we can inform any potential buyers.

I already registered on the endless website. Why do I need a different account?

This account is the seller account which means you can sell your items on endless. A seller account is different to subscribing to our mailing list. Please bear with us as we develop the platform so both accounts can be consolidated into one. Thank you.

Which brands are accepted on endless.ae?

We accept premium high-street, contemporary and luxury brands.

Where do I go to sell my items?

Please create a seller account via this link.

Do I receieve credits or money when I sell my items?

Unlike some other resale sites, we send your payment asap after the buyer has received via bank transfer, not credits for the site. We take just 10% commission of the full selling price, or 30% for items sold under the concierge service.

What price should I sell my item at?

If your item is pre-loved, we recommend setting the selling price for 40-60% of the original retail price depending on the condition, the current market value and how quickly you would like to sell the item.

Remember, you can always edit the price after you had added the item if you change your mind. As always, send us a message via email or whatsapp if you need our expert team to help you.

How does rental work?

We have launched a small edit of items available to rent here, please check it out. If you would like to start renting out your items please get in touch.

List your items to rent including clear photos, information and set the rental price for a 4 day rental.

As soon as someone has selected their dates on the calendar and ordered your item and their rental, we will arrange the collection and delivery for you via our trusted courier partner. We leave the washing or dry cleaning up to you, the lender. Please make sure you factor this into the rental price.

How long does it take for my item to be accepted and appear on the website?

We aim to have your product reviewed within 24 hours. If your product is accepted, it will appear on the website immediately. If for any reason it isn't accepted, we will provide you feedback and you will be able to re-submit if the item is suitable for the platform.

Please check out our guidelines on imagery here. This will enable faster approval.


Do you accept returns?

Yes, you can return an item. However, since we pay our sellers soon after the item is delivered, you must notify us within 24 hours for this to be accepted. The cost of the return shipping is 20 AED which will be deducted from the refund.

If the item is damaged or significantly not as described, the return shipping fee will be waived and you shall receive a full refund.

Please see our full returns policy here or click here to start your return by logging into your account and selecting the relevant order.

Where do you ship to?

Currently we ship to the UAE, however, if you live outside the UAE and are interested in a product, please get in touch with us and we will let you know how long it will take and the additional postage fee.

I've left finding an outfit last minute, can you do same day delivery?

We can offer same delivery on many items - please get in touch if you need an item same day or next day specifically for an event and we will confirm if this is possible.

How quickly will I receive my item?

The item will be collected by our delivery partner within 24-48 hours of your order and then usually delivered within 24 hours.

If you need the item to be delivered same day, please get in touch as this could be possible depending on the item - we will be able to look into this for you and let you know if it's possible.

How much is the delivery charge?

For items located in our fulfilment centre:

  • Next day - 20 AED
  • Same day - 28 AED
  • 4 hour - 35 AED

For items coming direct from our sellers:

  • Standard - 20 AED (usually 1-2 days)

Can I find out some more information about a product I have my eye on?

Please do get in touch if you have any questions about an item that haven't been described in the product description, and we can find out the answers for you as soon as possible, or send additional photos and videos on request.

How do I know if the products are authentic?

We are committed to ensuring we only have authentic products available on the website.

Many of our luxury items are authenticated by our authentication partner Real Authentication before they are delivered.

We review each product before it is approved and take action against any seller misrepresenting their items. Selling fake designer items is illegal and we take this matter very seriously.

The buyer has 48 hours to report any issues with the item so if you have any concerns about anything, please do get in touch as soon as possible after receiving the item. If you would like to check your item by taking it into the brand store, we are happy for you to do so.

Although we cannot currently accept returns, of course if there is an issue with an item such as this - we will ensure the item is returned and a refund is issued.

I love an item on the site but it's a little too expensive for me right now. Am I able to make an offer?

If you love an item and would like to make a serious offer that's lower than the buyers asking price, please do get in touch and we will see if this is possible.

Can I pay just meet the seller and pay in cash?

We only accept payment through the website and via using our own trusted delivery service at the moment.

This is to ensure we protect our users payment and by tracking the item got to the right place safely. Thank you for your understanding.