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Redefining Fashion: Endless

Redefining Fashion: Endless, the Circular Shopping Revolution

In 2019, Endless was born out of a personal frustration with wardrobe choices and a commitment to make a positive change in the fashion industry. The founder, disheartened by the environmental impact of fast fashion and the discomfort of cheap clothing, set out to create a solution. At that time, rental companies primarily catered to prom dresses and infrequent occasions, leaving a gap for everyday, sustainable fashion.

Endless was envisioned as a way to encourage conscious fashion choices for all events, from birthdays to brunches, weddings, and daily wear. The founder, working in fashion buying, felt the pressure to don high-quality, stylish brands daily, but budget constraints made it challenging. Fast fashion was the only affordable option, perpetuating the problem of overconsumption and environmental degradation. 

Endless became the first company in the UK to offer both rental and resale options for every style, promoting circularity within the fashion industry. The company's ethos is simple: if you'll wear an item once or twice, rent it; if you'll cherish and wear it repeatedly, buy it.

Rental and resale extend the lifespan of clothing, making premium or designer items accessible at a fraction of the cost of fast fashion. In regions like the UK, the rental and resale market has grown significantly and become the norm. Inspired by this success, Endless expanded to the UAE, where circular fashion was lagging.

Endless’ mission is to encourage, inspire, and empower women to shop consciously and mindfully, reducing their contribution to overconsumption and mindless shopping. The fashion industry, responsible for a significant carbon footprint and textile waste, requires a shift in consumer behavior to mitigate its detrimental effects.

The Middle East market, like many others, needed a push towards circular fashion, and Endless aims to provide a user-friendly platform to facilitate this transition. The company's goal is to offer a premium circular shopping experience, differentiating itself from typical rental shopping platforms. Endless manages the entire process, from collection to delivery, via a trusted courier service, ensuring a seamless experience for users.

Endless is the first platform in the UAE to offer both rental and resale options, with competitive commissions of only 10% for sellers and renters. The platform also prioritises user protection, ensuring the authenticity of luxury designer items and secure payments.

Endless envisions a disruption of traditional retail models to foster more mindful shopping, ultimately reducing the number of unworn clothes in wardrobes and landfills. By providing multiple shopping options, Endless aims to support brands that adopt circular business models and empower women to make informed choices and think twice before purchasing. Together, we aspire to redefine fashion, making shopping circular as natural as shopping new.

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