The Rental & Resale Platform To Have On Your Style Radar - Endless

The Rental & Resale Platform To Have On Your Style Radar

There are so many pre-loved fashion platforms out there nowadays, but Endless truly makes buying, selling and renting luxury pieces easy. Whether you're looking for a statement dress, a pre-loved designer bag, or to sell pieces from your own wardrobe, this is the platform where you can do it all. Here’s how it works…

Who They Are

UAE-based Endless was founded by Rosie Gunn in January 2019. After working in the fashion industry, Rosie initially launched the platform in the UK to make renting and reselling as accessible as buying new. Now available in the UAE, Endless offers users the chance to own luxury brands and pieces in a more affordable way, while also extending the lifespan of pre-loved clothing.

How It Works

You can rent, buy and sell on the website. Simply browse the site to find products – many of which are available to rent, purchase – or both. For those looking to sell, Endless offers home collection services and guarantees payment within a few days – plus, it only charges a 10% commission. Buyers can easily filter and select items in their size, complete the purchase, and receive their items promptly through a reliable delivery partner. For rental, Endless ensures the pieces are dry-cleaned after every use, making the entire process fuss free.

Endless also ensures the authenticity of all products listed on their website by meticulously reviewing each item and taking strict action against sellers who misrepresent their goods. To combat counterfeit designer items, Endless has partnered with Real Authentication, a professional authentication company trusted by eBay and PayPal, to verify luxury designer items before they reach buyers.

Why SheerLuxe Love It will only list items in good condition – specifically, they have to have been purchased no more than three years ago. From an ethical and sustainability perspective, the site won’t accept fast fashion brands, but will accept contemporary and luxury labels in categories such as the Wedding Guest Edit, among others. Plus, some pieces can be delivered to you on the same day.

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