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We have just launched a *very* exciting partnership

We have some exciting news..

Endless has partnered with So Much Trouble, the first-ever sip-and-shop store - Solutions Leisure Group’s latest innovative venture. This innovative hybrid-store is the new style destination for all things luxury vintage, cult designers, pre-loved, and now fashion rental.

This unique partnership launches on Wednesday May 1st with the introduction of the 'SMT x Endless Edit,' a curated collection of over 100 pieces of party, evening, brunch, and luxe beachwear from cool-girl it brands such as Oceanus and Retrofete, to iconic vintage finds from Gucci, YSL and Dior. For the first time ever, all pieces in this collection will now be available to rent as well as buy. All rental offerings are available for a period of four days, ideal for those ‘wear it once’ occasions such as brunch, birthday, or a romantic date night. Additionally, extended rental periods are possible for vacations, and can be requested. 

How it works

Customers can discover, try on, select and collect items from the SMT x Endless edit directly from So Much Trouble’s store in Dubai, or shop online at For customers shopping online, the item will be delivered directly to their door on the first day of the rental - same day delivery is available too. After the item has been worn, Endless arranges for courier collection and professional dry cleaning which is included in the price. Simply wear it and enjoy. If you fall in love with an item, it’s available for purchase minus the rental cost, offering a new 'try before you buy' way to shop.

Who’s behind it

Dubai based British entrepreneurs Rosie Gunn, founder of Endless, and Dominique Liard, Creative Director of Solutions Leisure Group and founder of So Much Trouble, are the trailblazing duo behind this collaborative venture - they aim to revolutionise how the region shops fashion. Understanding the urgent outfit dilemmas that women can face, they are driven to provide high-quality, designer fashion at a fraction of the cost on demand. Their mission is to inspire a new generation, promoting a fun approach to a sustainable fashion ecosystem that steers away from over-consumption and fast-fashion.

The Impact of Fashion Rental

Fashion rental isn’t just a trend; it’s a movement towards sustainable fashion, allowing everyone to enjoy luxury pieces on a budget. Endless ensures a seamless rental experience by managing all of the behind the scenes logistics, including delivery, dry cleaning, and collection - all included in the one price. As pioneers in this space both in the UK and UAE, Endless is dedicated to transforming the Middle Eastern fashion landscape into a more circular and eco-friendly one.

Endless and So Much Trouble are excited to bring this innovative, eco-conscious shopping experience to the United Arab Emirates, marking a milestone and setting a new standard in the ever-evolving fashion industry in the Middle East.

Shop the collection here and let us know what you think!

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